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 Taking Control Of The Microphone

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Singers are usually intimidated upon hearing their voices amplified by the microphone. However, this is the tool is very important to make you hear your voice and for many people to her you too. This will also make you enjoy while singing if you use it very well.
You have to have techniques on how to handle and take care of your microphone. Here’s how you can take control of the microphone instead of it intimidating you:
1. Don’t put your fingers or hands on the part of the microphone where it catches most of the sound. This will forfeit the purpose of using the microphone. You may not be heard and understood very clearly by the audience.
2. The mesh head of the microphone can be taken out and washed once it is removed. This part of the microphone becomes stinky from too much saliva that accumulates. You can wash the foam inlay after removing it gently. You have to be sure that it’s completely dry before replacing it to the microphone. If not taken care of properly, the sound quality that your microphone produces might not be on the optimum level.
3. Checking the sounds from the microphone is totally different when doing it in an empty hall. The people’s bodies and clothes absorb a lot of sound. To set the correct volume of your microphone, you have to rehearse and do your sound checks in a hall full of people. This will make you know the optimum volume of your microphone when you perform.
4. When using the microphone, the sounds produced inside a hall or outside are different. Weather can also be a factor that makes the outputs different. The air molecules are dry and sound is carried faster on a dry day. On the other hand, on a wet day, the molecule is heavier when it is damp. It means that the sound cannot travel that fast, making it duller when heard. One example is you can clearly hear large vehicles passing outside by on a dry day than on a damp day.
5. Change the equalizer on you track to increase the bass when singing in lover notes. By this, you don’t have to sing low notes louder than necessary. This will also make the sound of your lower register stronger.
6. When starting to hit higher note, pull the microphone away from you. This will not overpower you audience.
A singer needs enough projection for the whole listening public to hear. However, things have changed with the advent of the microphone. It has become the best friend of the best performers in the whole world. It might be a very small device; yet, it can make somebody more powerful than himself onstage. When you want to perform, the microphone is the right gadget to be trusted, your best friend that will let you hear yourself and enjoy you own voice. See what technology can do!
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Taking Control Of The Microphone
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