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 Pda Smart Phone A BuyersGuide

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While looking for a PDA Smartphone, you will be overwhelmed to see different models available with your local dealer. Some are good and some are better and for the best Smartphone, you should have some idea of its important features.

PDA Smartphones must be easy for use and simple to understand. While toggling between screens, it must make some sense to the user about the next step. The other aspects to be considered are the look of the phone and operating feel, phone functions, overall usability and ergonomics.

While analyzing a PDA Smartphone for its overall usability, check the file structure and also the icons in them. Find out whether everything is easy to explain in an understanding format. How it looks and how you feel is very important particularly while buying a PDA Smartphone. The overall design of the phone like color, the interface and graphics need to be considered. Ergonomics that deals with dimensions of the device is an important factor. The size and dimension of the PDA Smartphone are very important and they decide in how many ways you can hold it. Maneuvering between the switches and the buttons should be quick and easier. When you compare a PDA Smartphone, look for the different applications offered by the device and the service providers. Always give importance to the accessories of PDA Smartphones as they help you in accomplishing most of your work conveniently.

Samsung Black jack and Motorola Q both are PDA Smartphones and have you can try both and choose the one more intuitive for you.

The greatest selling point of Samsung Blackjack is its keyboard. Though it has got small keys, you will find it comfortable while pressing and working on it. All the keys have solid response and they are neither too hard nor too soft. The software implemented helps you to press down keys for typing and holding them for punctuation and so you don抰 have to go around the function keys. This results in faster input with less key operations. The Blackjack communicates also through Blue tooth and IDs supported by Blue tooth 2.0 with improved speed. It supports other usual profiles like Blue tooth headphones. The disadvantage of Samsung Blackjack is that it uses a proprietary jack that is a combination of Audio and USB. So you can抰 use standard cables or your headphones. The same jack is again used for power and there is no splitter cable available with it. Using this device, you can抰 listen music and sync or charge at the same time. Because of its slim size, don抰 underestimate the battery life. Its average battery life is a talk time of 4 hours and equivalent to other Smartphones. This PDA Smartphone comes with a second battery and a charger also. The Samsung Blackjack pros are Ultra slim design, wireless broadband (3G), inexpensive and solid construction and the cons are it lacks WiFi and USB/Audio connector.

The Motorola PDA Smartphone has opened up new ways for communication by conducting conference calls and for sharing information by two-way Videoconferencing feature. It performs all functions like VPN support, expanded PIM management, E-mail, browsing, instant messaging etc. It also allows you to download documents like PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word. The features are similar to Samsung with minor differences. It also offers maximum talk time.

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Pda Smart Phone A BuyersGuide
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