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 Advantages Of Using Cell Phone Headset

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PostSubject: Advantages Of Using Cell Phone Headset   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:34 pm

If you had a call on your cell phone while you are driving, it can be a dangerous thing to pick it up and divert your hands from the steering wheel. So why not use a headset for your cell phone? A cell phone headset is perfect for people who need to use their phone frequently. It keeps your hands on the steering wheel and any business call need not be missed.
The cell phone headset is comprised of a microphone and an earpiece. The traditional cell phone headset has an attachment for the head, however it may be uncomfortable for some, so an ear clip can be used instead. They attach to the ear bud in the way the personal stereos do with headphones. You can choose to get small speakers that attach to the ear if you wish. The microphone can vary from a small clip attached to a person’s collar or a mouthpiece near the user’s mouth.
The headset will have a wire to connect the cell phone with the headset or it may be wireless. If it is wireless there is a range of distance that the phone has to be in to operate. With the traditional headsets, the cell phone has to be clipped onto a belt or kept in a pocket.
Cellular phone headsets are help people be safe whilst driving but they can also help people who must work on the computer while talking or anyone who needs to use their hand while on the phone.
Although using a headset is a safe thing for driving, it does not protect people from the effects of radiation. In April 2000, a British consumer report magazine tested three head sets with earpieces, microphones and a radiation shield ( claims it absorb radiation). The shield did not absorb much radiation and the earpieces became aerials that increased the levels of radiation compared to using the phone without the headsets.
This is bad news, but there needs to be more studies to confirm this report. Several experts have criticized the methods used in the report, claiming that there was not a standard to measure against and that not all cell headsets would have performed like the three chosen products did.
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Advantages Of Using Cell Phone Headset
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