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 Lenovo sign up for hands to upgrade ncet degree - sound stage lighting Manufacturer - stage lighting style sy.

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PostSubject: Lenovo sign up for hands to upgrade ncet degree - sound stage lighting Manufacturer - stage lighting style sy.   Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:27 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->Compared in order to developed countries, China Instruction Information, In particular basic education there's a big gap of information and facts. Enterprises powerful alliances, combined research and development, training, information technology will play a respected role in the improvement. Information technology in degree, the country still an important gap between European and American countries. "Chinese college students in human-computer ratio is definitely 19: 1, while in Europe and america the ratio is five: 1 or even couple of: 1. " Lenovo Group vice us president and general manager of the large client business Yao Tong Fu informed reporters, "while the ratio of revenue More importantly, how to give good quality content and also information equipment, to increase primary and secondary individuals Computer Application level. "
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Order to solve this problem, on July 9, Lenovo Group and also the Ministry of Education, the Central EDUCATIONAL Museum (hereinafter known as the central Audio-visual Museum) agreed upon a strategic cooperation legal contract. Lenovo will jointly grow and NCET implementation involving basic education information in the field of major projects, through co-design inch Electronic Bags "and several other innovative education information application solutions, to jointly promote the procedure of basic education details. "Electronic" innovative modes regarding deliveryThis partnership, Lenovo may NCET Educational Resource Progression work, to Lenovo Zhaoyang M10 Notebook Since the carrier, built-in high-quality self-study programs, a common general education for any industry to create the actual "electronic" solution, through a different application model, for almost all primary and secondary individuals, teachers and parents to supply a professional learning tools and Methods. "Lenovo works closely with the key audio-visual hall, so that i . t Equipment into a prevalent teaching methods and schooling methods, educational information for that momentum. "Tong Fu Yao stated. According to reports, Lenovo's "electronic" answer with light, health, economic climate, ease of use, security features, built-in primary to senior high school each year the most important subject of self-study courses while in the novel, the form in lively, after-school with by using practice, can stimulate curiosity about children learning to enhance self-learning ability and discovering, while helping parents so that you can counseling troubled children; upon schools, "e-book package" could be effective in helping schools to accomplish innovative teaching and administration, develop teaching ideas; Additionally, the "electronic" also make use of the network for teachers along with students, home school built a brand new type of communication involving the channels, to promote exchanges and familiarity with all parties, which may help their overall development. "In the new stage like the 'electronic' This new remedy, information on the development with the whole education will have a very good leading role. " Wang, deputy director from the Central EDUCATIONAL Museum Zhu Zhu left a comment, "electronic "demonstration effect manufactured. Powerful combination interlibrary loan advantage This isn't to associate with the actual central audio-visual museum's initially collaboration, the two sides had previously construct a "wireless notebook training home. " With the deepening in cooperation, both parties to combine their effects will be apparent. In 2000, Lenovo released the e-learning solutions, until now has been accumulated for your education industry provides 10 , 000, 000 units of computer accessories. In the education market, Lenovo Desktops The market share approximately 36%, while notebook PERSONAL COMPUTER market share reached 50. 7% approximately. Audio-visual hall, as the central institution directly in the Ministry of Education, following years of accumulation, has formed a relatively systematic and quality informative resources content, improve the practice system, the formation of numerous combination and application regarding research results. "Lenovo includes a strong ability to sink into the national channels, the actual national service system because of training, new technology swiftly gaining in popularity; policy NCET have ability to grasp the two sides will promote the other person in an occasion, together to create basic education information method project. "Fu Tong Yao about the cooperation prospects in Japan. We are high top quality suppliers, our products for example sound stage lighting Company, stage lighting systems to get oversee buyer. To find out more, please visits light exhibit controller. <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Lenovo sign up for hands to upgrade ncet degree - sound stage lighting Manufacturer - stage lighting style sy.
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